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Asphalt Paving

• Residential Driveways

• Commercial Parking Lots

• Curbs & Patching

With over 4 decades of experience, Babin Paving & Construction is your trusted name in Kent County Area for all aspects of residential, commercial or industrial paving. From small driveways to parking lots, we have the equipment and manpower to handle jobs of all sizes.

Precision Work from an Experienced Team

When you hire Babin Paving & Construction, you will enjoy quality work from a knowledgeable team. Your project will have the proper shape and slope to achieve proper water drainage. We are meticulous about each step of the job from excavation to compacting, spreading and rolling your new pavement.

Excavation Work

          **Saint-Louis-de-Kent Area Only**

From drainage to demolition, Babin Paving & Construction handles a variety of excavating jobs from perimeter drainage to septic systems.

We work with a range of clients from developers and homeowners while providing exceptional quality on each job.

  • Roller

  • Dozer

  • Backhoe

  • Loader​

  • Grader

  • Gravel

  • Crushed Stone

  • Topsoil


Sewage Disposal Installer / Septic Systems

             **Saint-Louis-de-Kent Area Only**

​Babin Paving & Construction is licensed by the province of New Brunswick as an on-site sewage disposal system installer.

Do you live on property out of the municipal sewer system reach? Give us a call and we can install your new septic system in the efficient and professional manner in which we do all of our work.

Our professionals have taken a provincially-approved course and passed the installer exams. To learn more about the licensing requirements or septic system limitations, please visit the New Brunswick government website.

Snow Removal

         **Saint-Louis-de-Kent Only**

Whether your property is your home or a commercial parking lot, our experts will be there to clear the snow with our Snow Tractors.

You can call us to be put on our routine list or ask for an emergency snow clearing services.

Snow Removal equip.jpg
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